The prices quoted on the product pages include VAT and other price components. In addition to the prices stated, we charge the following flat-rate shipping costs for each order:

Country Order value below 100 EUR Order value over 100 EUR
Deutschland (Germany) 4.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Österreich (Austria) 4.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Schweiz (Suisse) 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR
Belgique / België (Belgium) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Bǎlgarija (Bulgaria) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Česká republika (Czech Republic) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Danmark (Denmark) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Eesti (Estonia) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
España (Spain) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
France 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Hrvatska (Croatia) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Ireland 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR
Italia (Italy) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία (Cyprus) 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR
Latvija (Latvia) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Lietuva (Lithuania) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Luxembourg 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Magyarország (Hungary) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Malta 14.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Nederland (Netherlands) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Norge (Norway) 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR
Российская Федерация (Russia) 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR
Polska (Poland) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Portugal 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
România (Romania) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Slovenija (Slovenia) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Slovenská republika (Slovakia) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Srbija (Serbien) 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR
Suomi (Finland) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
Sverige (Sweden) 6.95 EUR 0.00 EUR
United Kingdom 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR
Ελλάδα (Greece) 14.95 EUR 4.95 EUR

The shipping costs are clearly communicated to you in the shopping cart system and on the order page. The shipping fee includes the statutory value added tax. Since the value added tax is calculated on the shipping fee depending on the goods purchased, it can be reduced if goods are purchased at lower VAT rates (e.g. when purchasing books).

This means that the flat-rate shipping costs can only be finally calculated during the ordering process. However, it cannot get higher, only lower in your favor.

In the case of cross-border deliveries, additional taxes (e.g. in the case of an intra-Community acquisition) and / or duties, e.g. in the form of customs duties, may be incurred in addition to the shipping costs charged by the seller.


2.1 Your order will be shipped via DHL or GLS.

2.2 We ship to the following countries:

We deliver to the following countries/regions:

Belgique / België (Belgium) EU
Bǎlgarija (Bulgaria) EU
Česká republika (Czech Republic) EU
Danmark (Denmark) EU
Deutschland (Germany) EU
Eesti (Estonia) EU
España (Spain) EU
France EU
Hrvatska (Croatia) EU
Ireland EU
Italia (Italy) EU
Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία (Cyprus) EU
Latvija (Latvia) EU
Lietuva (Lithuania) EU
Luxembourg EU
Magyarország (Hungary) EU
Malta EU
Nederland (Netherlands) EU
Norge (Norway) None EU
Österreich (Austria) EU
Российская Федерация (Russland) None EU
Polska (Poland) EU
Portugal EU
România (Romania) EU
Schweiz (Suisse) None EU
Slovenija (Slovenia) EU
Slovenská republika (Slovakia) EU
Srbija (Serbien) None EU
Suomi (Finland) EU
Sverige (Sweden) EU
United Kingdom None EU
Ελλάδα (Greece) EU